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Colombia recalls ambassador to Nicaragua over maritime dispute

Colombia recalls ambassador to Nicaragua over maritime dispute BOGOTA, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Colombia has recalled its ambassador to Nicaragua for consultations over an ongoing territorial dispute that a ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in favor of the Central American country has failed to resolve, Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin said Wednesday. "We have decided to call our ambassador, Luz Stella Jara, who should be arriving tomorrow, so she can report on why it is impossible to have a dialogue with Nicaragua," Holguin told a press conference.

Nicaragua takes Colombia boundary dispute to UN court

Nicaragua started proceedings at the International Court of Justice against Colombia for allegedly violating its sovereign rights and maritime zones, the UN court said on Wednesday. The application filed by Nicaragua at the ICJ in the Hague raises a long-running border dispute between the two countries. Nicaragua said Colombia had failed to respect a ruling by the ICJ on November 19, 2012 which awarded sovereignty over a group of Caribbean islands to Bogota, while granting a large swathe of sea territory to Managua.

US, Russian troops get green light for Nicaragua training ops

Nicaragua's legislature Tuesday gave a green light for US and Russian troops to take part in joint exercises to train local forces fighting drug traffickers and organized crime. The legislature voted 66-20 to approve the operations on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. No dates were immediately given. The United States and former Soviet Union waged a proxy war in the Central American nation in the 1980s. Current Sandinista President Daniel Ortega was among the country's revolutionary leaders back then. jr/mdl/nss

U.S. concerned about Nicaragua plan to end presidential term limits

By Ivan Castro MANAGUA (Reuters) - The United States on Friday criticized a proposal by Nicaragua's ruling party to remove presidential term limits, which could allow Washington's former Cold War adversary Daniel Ortega to stay in power indefinitely. Earlier this month Ortega's Sandinista National Liberation Front put forward a plan to change the constitution that would end restrictions on re-election, although the president has yet to say publicly whether he wants to run again in 2016.

Nicaragua ruling party seek seeks to remove presidential term limits

By Ivan Castro MANAGUA (Reuters) - Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front party will seek to change the constitution by year-end to remove presidential term limits, lawmakers said on Monday. From Bolivia to Ecuador, a string of Latin American leaders has managed to change rules in recent years to allow them to remain in power beyond traditional term limits.

Nicaragua gears up to aid threatened tapirs

Nicaragua is pulling out the stops to try to aid threatened tapirs, an endangered mammal sometimes mistaken for anteaters or tiny hippos. Experts in Nicaragua say the tapir's long gestation period, poaching and loss of habitat caused by logging have led to dwindling numbers of the distinct-looking animal.

Cemex to build $40 mn stretch of highway in Nicaragua

Mexico City, Sep 10 (EFE).- Cemex, one of the world's top cement companies, said it was part of a consortium that won a $40 million contract to build a 31-kilometer (19-mile) stretch of highway in Nicaragua. The consortium, made up of Cemex, Constructora Meco and Llansa Ingenieros, will build the first segment of the upgraded NIC 3 Nejapa-Puerto Sandino highway under a contract with the government, Cemex said in a statement. The project is "one of the most important in the country in terms of infrastructure in recent years," Cemex said.

US official: Investors willing to get into Nicaragua canal project if process is transparent

MANAGUA, Nicaragua - A U.S. Department of Commerce official says the United States and U.S. investors would be willing to invest in the building of a canal across the middle of Nicaragua as long as the process is transparent. Deputy Assistant Secretary Walter Bastian says that he finds the project "fascinating" and that the U.S. government will follow up to see if there is interest from U.S. investors.

Nicaragua reveals details of Snowden asylum request

Nicaragua late Saturday revealed details from US fugitive leaker Edward Snowden's letter requesting asylum, in which the ex-intelligence contractor said it is unlikely he would receive a fair trial in the United States. "I, Edward Snowden, citizen of the United States, am writing to seek asylum in the Republic of Nicaragua because of the risk of being persecuted by the (US) government and its agents" for revealing the existence of a vast US surveillance program, he wrote, according to the Spanish language text of the letter to President Daniel Ortega.

US leaker Snowden's hopes rise on asylum offers

Hopes have risen that Edward Snowden may finally be able to leave Moscow, where he has been stranded in an airport for 14 days, after three Latin American countries offered the fugitive US intelligence leaker asylum. Bolivia on Saturday became the third country to offer refuge to the former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, with President Evo Morales saying he was willing to take Snowden in "if he asks".
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