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U.S. budget talks hit snag, Republican senator says

By Richard Cowan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The panel of U.S. lawmakers seeking to craft a bipartisan budget deal is in a deadlock early in its deliberations, according to a Senate member, reinforcing fears that a December 13 deadline could produce no agreement. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Reuters the negotiations were "stuck, not irreconcilably, but stuck."

Republican fears backlash over shutdown threat

US Senator Lindsey Graham warned fellow Republicans Tuesday that threatening a government shutdown over defunding President Barack Obama's health care law may come back to haunt the party next year. Congress is struggling to approve a stopgap federal spending bill that keeps the doors of government open after the current fiscal year ends on September 30.

Senator: Still hang-ups to immigration deal

A senior Republican senator says disagreement over a new low-skilled worker program is still hanging up an immigration deal - even after an agreement a week ago between big business and labor.Sen.
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