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Treasure trove of Neapolitan jewels shown in rare Rome exhibition

By Naomi O'Leary ROME (Reuters) - A rarely seen Neapolitan collection of sumptuous jewellery, hidden away for centuries and estimated to be more valuable than England's crown jewels, opened in Rome on Tuesday. The "Treasure of San Gennaro", precious objects donated in tribute to the patron saint of Naples, has rarely left the southern Italian city and spent centuries locked in a vault, largely forgotten by the wider world.

New York tightens rules for child models

New York has passed into law tough new rules governing how underage models can work, hailed by campaigners Tuesday as a step towards ending rampant exploitation. The legislation, signed by New York state governor Andrew Cuomo late Monday, will now give models under the age of 18 the same protection as child performers. It is likely to have a significant impact on recruiting for catwalk shows and magazine shoots in New York, one of the most iconic fashion capitals of the world.

Axe-wielding robbers stage daring heist in Paris luxury watch store

About 15 men, some of them wielding axes and sledgehammers, on Friday burst into a luxury watch store in the heart of Paris in broad daylight and made off with a haul worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Shortly before lunch, two well-dressed men entered the Vacheron Constantin store near the posh Place Vendome, where several top-end jewellers are located, and let in a third man who was armed. Six others, wearing hoods and armed with sledgehammers and axes, then followed inside, police said.

Paris fashion tiptoes around lack of black models

Paris fashion this week tiptoed around the scarcity of black models on the catwalk with reaction reflecting the growing controversy surrounding the issue highlighted by models Naomi Campbell and Iman. Designers told AFP their only concern was to find models who embodied the spirit of their creations irrespective of skin colour. And one industry professional put the lack of black faces down to a minimalist trend that has sparked a demand for Asian models.

France hit by another jewellery heist

Four men rammed their car into an upmarket jewellery store in central Paris on Monday, smashing the shopwindow and making off with a two-million-euro ($2.6-million) booty, a police source said. The heist near the upscale Place Vendome is the latest to hit France after a spate of high-profile robberies in the southern resort of Cannes. The police source, who wished to remain anonymous, said the men drove a large four-by-four car into the store in the early hours of the morning and grabbed jewellery and luxury watches worth an estimated two million euros.

Thieves pinch 70,000-euro ring from Cannes store

Two thieves stole a 70,000 euro ($93,000) diamond ring from a Cannes jewellery store on Tuesday, pocketing the gem while a saleslady had her back turned, a police source said. Police in the French Riviera resort town -- which has been hit by a series of spectacular jewellery heists this year -- said the men had eastern European accents. They pilfered the ring from a jewellery store near the luxury Gray d'Albion hotel. Police have opened an investigation and said they will examine security videos for evidence.

Cannes jewellery heist 'worth about $136 million'

A spectacular diamond heist in the French resort of Cannes has been valued at $136 million (103 million euros), prosecutors said Monday, making it one of the world's biggest jewellery thefts. Authorities had initially estimated the robbery -- which took place in the luxury Carlton Hotel on Sunday in broad daylight -- was worth around 40 million euros.

World's biggest jewellery thefts in last ten years

The biggest jewellery robberies worldwide, ordered by size, following the audacious theft of an estimated 40 million euros' (53 million dollars') worth of diamonds from the Carlton Hotel in Cannes on Sunday. - February 15-16, 2003: The largest ever haul of jewels, valued at 100 million euros, took place in Belgium in 2003. More than 120 of 160 safety deposit boxes were emptied inside the heavily fortified "Diamond Center" at the heart of Antwerp's diamond district. The building's alarm systems failed to go off.

'Androgynous' Swiss model, new catwalk star

In a quiet Paris street, model Tamy Glauser, with a shaven head since chopping off her "pretty" long locks six years ago, offers an impromptu demonstration of two very different catwalk techniques. First, her arms swinging and body rocking slightly from side to side, she strides along jauntily looking every inch the latest in skinny, edgy, male fashion. Then, with nothing more than a haughty toss of her bare head, shoulders back, hips forward, eyes smouldering, she is suddenly feline and super-feminine.

Women who talk smack about their bodies unlikeable: study

Ladies, you may think you’re strengthening female bonds with your girlfriends when you make disparaging remarks about your body weight, but new research suggests that in fact, no one likes a ‘fat talker.’ That’s the overriding conclusion of a US study which found that subjects rated women who made negative statements about their bodies less likeable than those who made positive remarks about their weight.
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