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Lithuania marks 70 years since Nazis wiped out Vilnius ghetto

Lithuania on Monday marked 70 years since Nazi Germany wiped out the Vilnius ghetto, all but obliterating the vibrant Jewish culture of a capital once known as the "Jerusalem of the North". State officials and Holocaust survivors attended a memorial service honouring the tens of thousands who died, while national flags with black ribbons dotted the Vilnius skyline. "A grim and terrible reality can never be left in the past -- it must forever remain in our memory," Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said at the ceremony.

Restoring the Nazi-decimated heritage of Lithuanian Jews

Lithuania's capital Vilnius was once a thriving Jewish cultural hub, before Nazi Germany wiped out the so-called Jerusalem of the North and killed off most of the country's Jews. Now, individuals and state institutions alike are trying to revive the memory of this Jewish heritage by harnessing the global reach of the Internet and launching a series of interactive websites. It is a way to restore a lost chapter in the history of this Baltic country with a controversial past as some Lithuanians collaborated with the Nazis during the 1941-1944 occupation.

Copy of Schindler's list fails to find eBay buyer

An original copy of the list of Jews saved by Oskar Schindler from the Holocaust has gone unsold on eBay, but the auctioneer said Monday he's not disappointed. The 14-page typewritten list -- bearing the names of 801 men -- originated with the German industrialist's right-hand man Itzhak Stern and had a steep opening bid of $3 million. But by the end of the online auction Sunday at 6:00 pm Los Angeles time (Monday 0100 GMT), not one bid had been placed -- although there was no lack of interest.

'Most wanted' surviving Nazi war crimes suspects

Hungarian prosecutors charged Laszlo Lajos Csatari, 98, on Tuesday with organising the deportation of 12,000 Jews to World War II death camps. He topped the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's list of Nazi war crimes suspects known to be still alive and at large almost seven decades after the conflict ended. Two other leading suspects on the list -- Alois Brunner and Aribert Heim -- are widely suspected to be dead. The following are the nine other top names on the list, one of whom, Hans Lipschis, has been arrested since it was last updated in April.

Lithuanian police probe anti-Semitic graffiti

Lithuanian police said Tuesday they were probing anti-Semitic slogans scrawled near the site of a former Nazi labour camp in the Baltic state's capital. The unknown perpetrators wrote "Juden Raus" (Jews out) with marker on a sidewalk in Vilnius and drew a swastika on a nearby pole, police spokeswoman Evelina Pagounis told AFP. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius condemned the graffiti, which also included the phrase "Heil Hitler".

Little left of Warsaw ghetto 70 years after uprising

A building here, a building there, some cobblestones, a synagogue: almost nothing remains of the Warsaw Jewish ghetto set up by Nazi Germany in World War II. Only a chunk is left of the wall that isolated around 480,000 of the capital's Jews before the Germans deported most of them to their deaths. "The Germans completely demolished this neighbourhood," said Jacek Leociak, co-author of the "The Warsaw Ghetto: A Guide to the Perished City".

Only joint efforts can help overcome anti-semitism - Lithuania's formin

On 4 April, Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius and first Deputy Chancellor of the Prime Minister, Remigijus Motuzas, received a delegation of participants of the March of the Living of Holocaust survivors, Lithuania's MFA said."The March of the Living held from Paneriai railway station to the Paneriai Memorial is our shared message to the future generations, confirming that the Holocaust tragedy will never be forgotten," Linkevicius said.Minister stressed the importance of cooperation with the Lithuanian Jewish community and the Litvaks communities around the worl
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