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Thieving Maine 'hermit' arrested after 27 years

A legendary loner who vanished into the wild woods of Maine three decades ago, reemerging only to steal supplies, has finally been caught, police say. Christopher Knight, dubbed "the North Pond Hermit" in the north-eastern US state, vanished from sight in the picturesque area around the town of Rome back in 1986. Regular small-scale break-ins at area holiday camps were the only clue to Knight's existence, but he was never found -- until last week.

US police arrest larcenous 'hermit' lost since 1986

Police in the far north-eastern state of Maine have arrested a loner who vanished from sight in 1986 and survived by stealing supplies from area camps, local media reported Thursday. Christopher Knight, the 47 year-old man locals called the "North Pond Hermit," was arrested last week and charged with burglarizing an unoccupied camp near the town of Rome, the Portland Herald Press reported. Knight reportedly confess to police that he was responsible for some 1,000 burglaries over the years, but said he took only what he needed to survive.
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