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Bali salvage team to haul plane wreck to beach

Indonesian investigators were set Tuesday to cut up the wreckage of a plane that crashed off Bali and haul it to a beach, as they probe what caused the accident, the military said. The Lion Air plane missed the runway as it came in to land on Saturday, slamming into the sea and splitting in two. Dozens of the 108 people on board were injured, but there were no fatalities.

All safe as Lion Air plane misses Bali runway, lands in sea

By Andjarsari Paramaditha and Chris Nusatya JAKARTA (Reuters) - All 108 passengers and crew miraculously survived on Saturday when a Lion Air Boeing 737 missed the runway on the balmy Indonesian resort island of Bali and landed in the sea. Forty people were treated for injuries including broken legs, head wounds and shock, though only four were admitted to hospital, hospital officials said.

Plane overshoots Bali runway into sea, all on board survived

A plane carrying more than 130 passengers overshot the runway at Bali airport and went into the sea on Saturday, but everybody on board survived, a transport ministry official said. The Lion Air Boeing 737 jet overshot the runway as it came into land at Denpasar airport on the Indonesian resort island, Herry Bhakti told AFP. "There were more than 130 people on board," he said. prm-sr/pj
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