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Yunus flays Bangladesh's 'destruction' of Grameen Bank

Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus on Wednesday blasted the Bangladesh government after it passed a law he said would pave the way for the "ultimate destruction" of Grameen Bank, the pioneering microlender he founded. The bill passed by parliament late Tuesday tightens the government's grip on the bank set up to fight poverty, and brings it under ever closer control of the central bank.

Anti-gay Bangladesh clerics target Nobel winner Yunus

After being accused of "sucking blood" from the poor, Bangladesh's only Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus faces a new state-backed hate campaign seeking to paint him as un-Islamic and a spreader of homosexuality. Following years of attempts to discredit his legacy as a pioneer of micro-finance -- since copied the world over as a development tool -- the hounding has turned more personal and dangerous. The perceived crime of the 73-year-old was to sign a joint statement along with three other Nobel laureates in April 2012 criticising the prosecution of gay people in Uganda.

Bangladesh protest plans over Nobel laureate's gay rights comments

Bangladesh Islamic groups called Monday for a nationwide protest against Muhammad Yunus over comments in 2012 supporting gay rights, in the latest attack against the Nobel laureate and micro-loan pioneer. The country's main mosque and an Islamic group with links to the government have launched a campaign against Yunus, whom they say should be prosecuted for supporting homosexuals in this deeply conservative Muslim country.

US honors microloan pioneer Yunus with top award

The US Congress on Wednesday bestowed the country's top civilian award on microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus, in a rousing show of support to a man who is under fire in his native Bangladesh. Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank which provides small loans to poor people usually excluded from the banking system, became the first Muslim to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.
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