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China's 'King' eater has more to stomach

After swallowing two dozen bowls of noodles, the surprisingly lean man described as China's "Big Stomach King" had barely broken sweat and announced his hunger for more. "I can continue," said Pan Yizhong, fragments of noodle visible at the edge of his mouth, as challengers at an eating competition fell away one by one in the face of his relentless appetite. "Come on, Big Stomach King!" the audience shouted at the event, held in a kung fu school, while its straggle-bearded headmaster looked on.

'Cinnamon challenge' game poses danger to lungs

Health experts warned Monday about serious risks from the "Cinnamon Challenge," a game popular with US teens, who ingest a spoonful of the pungent spice, then try to refrain from drinking water. A study published in the journal Pediatrics warned that while the game may seem like harmless fun, many youth who play in end up taking a trip to the emergency room, and some even suffer lung damage.
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