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Iraq tribesmen, police fight militants in Ramadi

Iraqi tribesmen and police on Thursday battled Al-Qaeda-linked militants who took control of part of the city of Ramadi, police said. The fighting erupted in eastern Ramadi, two police officers said. An interior ministry official had said that some areas of the city were under the control of militants from the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), while other parts were in the hands of tribesmen. An AFP journalist in Ramadi earlier saw dozens of trucks carrying heavily armed men in the east of the city, playing songs praising ISIL.

Protesters release two Iraqi soldiers

Anti-government protesters released two Iraqi soldiers they had seized near Ramadi, west of Baghdad, a protest organiser and a doctor said on Wednesday. The soldiers were taken after deadly clashes between security forces and demonstrators in north Iraq left dozens dead and sparked a wave of revenge attacks. Abdulrazzaq al-Shammari, one of the organisers of the protests near Ramadi, said the two soldiers were turned over to a hospital in the city on Tuesday.
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