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Russian security services name CIA Moscow chief

Russia's security services openly named the US intelligence agency's station chief in Moscow to media on Friday in a rare breach of protocol that followed their capture of an alleged CIA agent who was working undercover at the US embassy. Russia announced this week that it had caught alleged agent Ryan Fogle as he prepared to recruit a member of the Russian security forces. Footage was aired showing him wearing a blond wig and his array of spying equipment including a compass and an old-fashioned mobile phone.

Russia vows to expel 'US CIA agent' from Moscow

Russia on Tuesday ordered the expulsion of an alleged American CIA agent working undercover at the US embassy who was discovered with a large stash of money trying to recruit a Russian agent. Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB, ex-KGB) identified the man as Ryan C. Fogle -- third secretary of the political section of Washington's embassy in Moscow -- and said he had been handed back to the embassy after his detention.

Boston bombing suspect had links to slain Islamists

One of the brothers suspected of carrying out the Boston bombings had made links with two figures in the Islamist anti-Kremlin insurgency in the Northern Caucasus, both of whom were killed by Russian security forces, a security source said Monday. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who was himself killed during his capture by US authorities, was known to have been in contact with a Dagestan militant named Makhmud Nidal and also a militant of Canadian origin named William Plotnikov, a Russian security source in the Northern Caucasus told AFP.

Russia detains 140 on suspicion of extremism

Russian law enforcement agencies have detained 140 people in Moscow on suspicion of involvement in Islamic extremist groups, the FSB security service said on Friday. "As the result of investigative activities at the house No 8 at the Danilovskaya embankment, employees of law enforcement bodies detained 140 people of whom more than 30 are foreign nationals," the Moscow branch of the FSB state security agency said in a statement carried by the Interfax news agency. The statement said the detained were taken to a police station. The FSB was not available for comment.
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