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Iceland conservative leader claims PM post

The leader of Iceland's conservative Independence Party, Bjarni Benediktsson, early Sunday claimed the post of prime minister after the centre-right opposition ousted the country's leftist government. "The Independence Party is called to duty again," Benediktsson told supporters, saying he was ready to negotiate a coalition that would lead the country. hh/nsb/ph/jhb

Iceland government heads for defeat as centre right revives

By Balazs Koranyi REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - Icelanders fed up with austerity are set to oust the ruling Social Democrats in elections on Saturday after being wooed with promises of tax cuts and debt relief from the centre right that presided over the nation's financial meltdown five years ago. With promises of a quick recovery fading, voters are angered by mounting mortgage debt, rapid inflation and crippling capital controls that keep investment at a record low.
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