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Slain Indonesian terror suspects planned US embassy attack

Six suspected terrorists killed in a New Year's Eve police raid near Jakarta had planned to carry out a string of attacks targeting the US embassy, a church and Buddhist temples, police said Friday. Following a nine-hour gun battle with the six men in a house on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital, police seized a hand-written document revealing the group's targets, national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said.

Fugitive Indonesian militant recaptured in Malaysia

An Islamist militant who broke out of jail during a prison riot in western Indonesia has been recaptured in Malaysia and handed over to Indonesian authorities, police said Tuesday. Fadli Sadama was among 200 inmates who in July fled the Tanjung Gusta prison in Medan city after prisoners set the overcrowded facility ablaze in a riot that left five people dead. "With the recapture of Fadli Sadama, all four terrorists who escaped have now been rearrested," national police spokesman Agus Rianto told reporters, saying Sadama was recaptured "several days ago".

Indonesian police shoot dead suspected militant

Indonesian police shot dead a suspected militant and arrested two others, national police said Friday, in an ongoing clampdown on terrorism. Police from the counter-terrorism unit Detachment 88 shot dead Thursday a single-named suspect called Suardi after he resisted arrest and opened fire, national police spokesman Ronny Sompie told AFP. Suardi was reportedly a 50-year-old former school teacher. The two other men detained were identified as Ahmad Iswan and Jodi.

Indonesia detains alleged fundraiser of Myanmar embassy plot

Indonesian police have arrested the alleged fundraiser of a failed plot to bomb the Myanmar embassy in the capital Jakarta in May, an official said Monday. Authorities were also investigating whether Muhammad Syaiful Sabani, detained in the central Javanese city of Yogyakarta on Friday, is linked to a recent bomb attack on a Buddhist temple in the capital, police said. Both the embassy plot and temple bombing highlighted growing anger in Muslim-majority Indonesia at the plight of the persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar, where most of the population is Buddhist.

Indonesian police shoot dead two suspected militants

Police shot dead two terrorist suspects armed with a homemade bomb Monday and arrested another two as the country continues to battle militant activity, officials said. Counter-terrorism chief Ansyaad Mbai said the men were part of a violent Islamist group and were shot as the anti-terror police unit Detachment 88 conducted a raid on the street in an East Java town. "Detachment 88 had sought the men over a recent attempted suicide bombing and a case of hacking to fund militant activities," Mbai told AFP.

Indonesia police shoot dead man after bomb attack

Indonesian police have shot dead a man who attacked them with a homemade bomb and is suspected of being part of a terror network targeted in deadly raids last week, an official said Tuesday. The man threw the pipe-bomb at a traffic police post in Tasikmalaya city, West Java province, late Monday but it failed to explode, said national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar. Two traffic policemen chased the suspect but he resisted arrest by attacking one of the officers with a machete and attempting to fire a homemade gun at them which failed to go off, he said.

Seven dead in Indonesian anti-terror raids

Indonesian police have shot dead seven terror suspects in raids over the past two days, including several with alleged links to a plot to bomb the Myanmar embassy, officials said Thursday. Thirteen suspects were captured alive as an elite police unit swooped on houses across the country's main island of Java, in the biggest counter-terrorism operation in Indonesia for months.
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