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Quotes from Thursday's hearing of the Mohamed Harkat case by the Supreme Court

OTTAWA - A selection of quotes from various players in the case of Mohamed Harkat, currently being argued before the Supreme Court of Canada: "You have to answer that or face the consequences. That's why we're asking you these questions." — Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin tells government lawyers the case goes beyond Harkat's immediate circumstances. --- "Mr. Harkat is not entitled to any particular process, only one that satisfies the principles of fundamental justice." — Excerpt from the federal government's written submission. ---

Tracking bracelet removed from Mohamed Harkat, accused of terrorist ties

OTTAWA - The wife of an Ottawa man accused of terrorist ties says border agents have removed an electronic tracking bracelet from his ankle. Canada Border Services Agency took the tracking device off late Wednesday as part of a court-ordered relaxation of Mohamed Harkat's release conditions, Sophie Harkat said Thursday. It has been more than a decade since Harkat, a refugee from Algeria, was arrested under a national security certificate on suspicion of being an al-Qaida sleeper agent — an accusation he denies.

Accused terrorist Harkat can have mobile phone, tracking bracelet stays: feds

OTTAWA - The federal government says it will allow an Ottawa man accused of terrorist ties to have a mobile phone but balks at the idea of giving Mohamed Harkat access to the Internet or removing his electronic tracking bracelet. In documents filed with the Federal Court, the government says it is also open to dropping a requirement that Harkat get prior approval before travelling out of town. The concessions would ease current release conditions for Harkat, but fall short of the full list of freedoms he will seek Tuesday during a one-day Federal Court hearing.
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