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South African pupil dies after alleged teacher beating

A South African teacher is facing a possible murder charge following the death of a student he allegedly beat on the head with a belt, the education department said Wednesday. Sizwe Kubheka died in hospital last week after the incident left him deaf and with blood clots coming from his nose, according to South Africa's The Star. The student, aged around 16, lived in Palm Springs, south of Johannesburg. Before the boy's death the parents had laid a charge of attempted murder with police, according to the education department.

Malaysian parents jailed for child abuse in Sweden

A Malaysian couple were jailed Friday by a Stockholm court for assaulting their four children while on a work assignment to Sweden where corporal punishment is illegal. Azizul Awalludin, 38, and his wife Shalwati Norshal, 46, were sentenced to 10 and 14 months respectively for beating their children -- aged seven to 14 -- over a three-year period with a bamboo stick, a clothes hanger and their hands. "I have spoken to my client (Awalludin) and he is of course very disappointed -- he denied the charges," defence lawyer Jonas Tamm told AFP.

Malaysian parents charged with beating child in Sweden

A Malaysian couple were charged Monday in a Stockholm court with assaulting one of their children in 2012. The couple, who have been held on remand since December, are accused of beating all four of their children -- now aged seven to 14 -- over a three-year period. However they have been formally charged with the assault and battery of only one of the four. Corporal punishment has been illegal in Sweden since 1979, and organisations in contact with children are required to report any suspicions of assault.

Bolivia leader -- an ex-child worker -- opposes child labor age

President Evo Morales said Monday he opposed any outright ban on child labor or setting a minimum age for workers in Bolivia -- as a former child worker, himself. "It should not be banned," the socialist president, 54, said, drawing on his own experience to explain his opposition to legislation under consideration that would set a minimum age of 14 for child workers. Morales, the country's first elected indigenous leader, worked as a helper in a bakery and making bricks when he was young.

Child labor down but not enough

Despite recent declines in the incidence of child labor much more must be done to tackle the issue, the Third International Conference on Child Labor heard Tuesday. International Labor Organization (ILO) Director-General Guy Ryder urged redoubled efforts, decrying the fact a target to eliminate the worst instances of child labor by 2016 will not be met. Latest ILO global estimates show the total number of child laborers has dropped by one-third to 168 million since the last conference in The Hague in 2010. But Ryder said that still is nowhere near good enough.

Pope slams child exploitation in domestic work

Pope Francis on Wednesday railed against the "deplorable" exploitation of children in domestic work, saying cases of child labour were on the rise in poor countries and affect young girls in particular. "There are millions of minors, mostly young girls, who are victims of this form of hidden exploitation which often includes sexual abuse, poor treatment and discrimination," he said in a message to mark World Day Against Child Labour.
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