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Judge's order temporarily halts Boston Globe sale to Red Sox owner Henry

WORCESTER, Mass. - A judge's order has halted the proposed sale of The Boston Globe to Red Sox owner John Henry. The order was requested as part of a lawsuit by carriers of Telegram In the 2009 class action lawsuit, the carriers argue they are employees who have been misclassified as independent contractors. Their attorneys won the temporary restraining order Friday, when the sale was supposed to close, after successfully arguing it could prevent their clients from being able to collect a settlement.

Indians send last telegrams as 163-year-old fast, reliable communication service closes

NEW DELHI - India's last telegram went out late Sunday, marking the end of a service that provided millions of Indians with a fast and reliable mode of communication. Hundreds of people thronged the 75 telegraph offices remaining in the country Sunday to send their last telegrams to friends or family as a keepsake. Shameem Akhtar, a top official in the state-run telecommunications company, said Monday that it had increased staff at all telegram offices to handle the huge rush.

Last-minute rush as India stops telegram service

Thousands of Indians crammed into telegram offices on Sunday to send souvenir messages to friends and family in a last-minute rush before the service shuts down after 162 years. Sunday is the last day that messages will be accepted by the service, the world's last major commercial telegram operation, and the Central Telegraph Office in New Delhi said it was geared up to tackle the expected rush. "We have increased the number of staff in the expectation that the number of people will grow at our counters," telegraph senior general manager Shameem Akhtar told AFP.

After 163 years of delivering life-changing news, India's telegram service goes silent

NEW DELHI - For 163 years, lives across the vast Indian nation have been upended by the knock of the khaki-clad postal worker armed with a telegram. Families used them to announce births and deaths, the government used them to post job openings, young lovers sent them to tell their folks that they had eloped. No longer. On Monday, the state-run telecommunications company will send its final telegram, closing down a service that fast became a relic in an age of email, reliable landlines and ubiquitous cellphones.

You can still send a telegram in 2013 but it'll cost you, from $19 & up

TORONTO - Many Canadians would be surprised to learn that in this digital age of email and instant messaging you can still send an old-fashioned telegram. And the owner of Telegrams Canada, Colin Stone, says demand for the old-school service is steady, with about 20,000 messages being sent through his company each year. But before you consider penning one for fun, Stone admits the act of sending a telegram is pricey enough that he considers it a "luxury."
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