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World Fuel doubts Quebec rail-crash payment order is legal

(Reuters) - U.S. fuel logistics company World Fuel Services Corp said on Tuesday it has "serious objections" to being ordered by the Quebec government to help pay for the cleanup of the devastating railway crash in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, on July 6. The provincial government of Quebec signed a legal order on Monday obliging the U.S. operator of the train, Montreal, Maine and Atlantic (MMA) Railway, and World Fuel Services, whose subsidiary sold the light crude oil carried by the train's tanker cars, to foot the bill.

Quebec town mourns victims of fuel-tanker train disaster

By Christinne Muschi LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) - Hundreds of mourners filled the streets of Lac-Megantic, Quebec, on Saturday, as the families of the 47 people killed in North America's worst railway disaster in two decades attended a memorial service at a local church. A trumpeter on the street played Ave Maria to the mourners as they gathered outside St Agnes church to watch the service on a massive screen.

Canada rail disaster victims at memorial service

Several thousand people attended a memorial service Saturday for the 47 victims of Canada's rail disaster, caused when a runaway train laden with oil went off the tracks and exploded. The Sainte-Agnes church of Lac-Megantic, the tiny, picturesque Quebec town devastated by the crash, was filled to capacity with around 1,000 family and friends of the victims, fellow townspeople, rescue workers and officials, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Obama letter offers U.S. help over Lac-Megantic disaster

U.S. President Barack Obama has sent a letter expressing his condolences over the tragedy in Lac-Megantic, Que., and offering American help if needed. The letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper was released Thursday by the Prime Minister's Office. Obama writes that, on behalf of the American people, he expresses his sadness over what he describes as a "devastating loss of life." He says he was heartened to learn of the help U.S. firefighters offered, just as Canadians in the past have stood by the U.S. in difficult times.

Quebec town grapples with loss in train wreck aftermath

By Julie Gordon LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) - Residents of the town of Lac-Megantic in Quebec were coming to grips on Thursday with the reality that 50 of their own were most likely dead in the aftermath of the worst railway disaster in North American in more than two decades.

Quebec train was traveling too fast when it derailed: investigators

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) - The crude oil freight train that derailed and blew up in the small town of Lac-Megantic early on Saturday morning was traveling far too fast when it went off the rails, investigators told reporters on Tuesday. "The train derail(ed) at approximately 1.14 a.m. and although we can't provide the precise speed at this time, the train was traveling well in excess of its authorized speed at that point," said Donald Ross, an investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Shell-shocked residents eager to return home in Quebec town

By Julie Gordon and Richard Valdmanis LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) - Three days after a runaway train derailed and exploded in the downtown core of Lac-Megantic, many residents of the Quebec tourist town are still waiting for answers about missing loved ones, while others are just impatient to return home. With the fires now out and the authorities finally able to access the epicenter of the blasts, the death toll is expected to climb and many of the town's evacuated residents will finally be allowed back to assess the damage.

Queen expresses profound sadness over Lac Megantic disaster

OTTAWA - The Queen is expressing deep sadness over the disaster in Lac Megantic,Que. She has sent a message through the federal government saying the loss of life "has shocked us all." She says she hopes it will be possible to rebuild both the property and the lives of those affected by the rail disaster. Her thoughts and prayers are with all the people of the small community.

Lac-Megantic tragedy by the numbers

LAC MEGANTIC, Que. - A look at some of the key numbers, as of Monday afternoon, related to the train derailment in Lac-Megantic, Que: Number of declared dead: Five Number of people considered missing: About 40 Number of buildings destroyed: Between 30 and 40 Number of people forced out of their homes: Between 1,500 and 2,000 Number of Lac-Megantic residents: 6,000 Number of cars on the train: 72 carloads of crude oil and five locomotives Number of litres of fuel being carried: Nearly 100,000 in each car

Police confirm five dead, 40 missing in Canada rail disaster

Five people were confirmed dead Sunday and at least 40 missing some 36 hours after the catastrophic derailment of an oil-laden cargo train in the Quebec town of Lac Megantic, police said. Police spokesman Michel Brunet told reporters two more bodies had been discovered a day after the train jumped its track and set a large part of the town's center ablaze. Two corpses were found earlier Sunday and one on Saturday, officials said. jl/sg/nss
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