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Sacking of rebel priest deepens rift in Catholic Poland

A high-profile row between a charismatic rebel priest and the bishop who fired him has sparked controversy in heavily Catholic Poland, a sign of the tension within its changing church. Father Wojciech Lemanski, 53, was sacked as parish priest in the eastern village of Jasienica after speaking out on his blog against the Polish episcopate's censure of test-tube babies, abortion, euthanasia and contraception.

Priest sacking stirs controversy in Catholic Poland

A parish priest's dismissal for criticising church doctrine on test tube babies, abortion, euthanasia and contraception has sparked debate in devoutly Catholic Poland. Father Wojciech Lemanski, 53, was sacked by his superiors for speaking out against the dogma on his blog. The July 5 decree gave him until Thursday to quit his parish in the eastern village of Jasienica. Henryk Hoser, archbishop of Warsaw-Praga, faulted Lemanski for "a lack of respect and disobedience". Hoser is also the president of the Polish episcopate's bioethics committee.
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