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Spain train driver on phone at time of deadly crash

The driver of a train that derailed in Spain killing 79 people was on the phone to a coworker at the time of the accident, while the train was racing at nearly twice the speed limit, investigators said Tuesday. The train's two data recording "black boxes" showed that moments before the crash the train was travelling at 192 kilometres (119 miles) per hour, said the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia, which is leading the investigation.

European rail disasters in past 40 years

Below are details of Europe's worst rail accidents in the past 40 years. A train shot off the tracks in northwest Spain late Wednesday, killing at least 77 passengers and injuring 140. It was one of the worst Spanish train accidents ever. In 1944, a collision between a train heading to Madrid from Galicia and a locomotive killed hundreds. In 1972, 77 people died when a train derailed between Cadix and Seville.   2010 - UKRAINE, October 12: 45 killed in a collision between a train and a bus in Marganets, eastern-central Ukraine.
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