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Boxing: British travel ban floors Tyson

Former world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson has been forced to cancel appearances in London after discovering he is banned from entering Britain. Tyson, a convicted rapist, had been scheduled to be in London this week as he continues a promotional tour for his new autobiography Undisputed Truth, which included a photocall with journalists and a book signing. His publishers Waterstone said recent changes to British immigration laws meant he was unable to travel to the country and has been re-routed to Paris instead.

Boxing: Mike Tyson confused by Chinese web humour

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is keen to up his profile in China but is struggling to get to grips with the country's sardonic sense of humour, judging by his online "weibo" debut. The former world heavyweight champion opened a verified account on the Twitter-like Sina Weibo service on Monday, and asked in his second posting: "Who's the best fighter in China?" A popular response was "chengguan", China's widely despised enforcers of urban regulations, who have a reputation for brutality.

TCA: Mike Tyson Has 'Not Many' Regrets - But Warns That He Bites

By Tim Molloy NEW YORK ( - Mike Tyson has mellowed out. He became a vegan, got married, performed on Broadway. But he warned critics Thursday that he hasn't gone soft. "Guys, please: Don't get carried away, alright. There's no way I'm Charles Manson but I'm never going to be Mother Teresa, either," he said in a Television Critics Association panel Thursday. "Some good advice is, don't be so quick to understand me. Just don't get too close, and be careful, I will bite you, as you may know."
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