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Femen moves out of 'bugged' Kiev office

Ukrainian feminist movement Femen said Wednesday it was moving out of its Kiev offices, alleging official wiretapping, a day after police said they discovered a cache of illegal weapons in a raid of its premises. The group, known for its topless political protests, is facing a criminal probe for possession of illegal weapons after police searched its offices in central Kiev on Tuesday, but said its decision to move out was made earlier over alleged bugging.

Ukraine Femen group accuse police after arms find

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukrainian topless feminist group Femen accused the police of planting explosives and a gun during a raid on their headquarters in Kiev headquarters on Tuesday in a bid to close their organization down. The Femen group specializes in shock bare-breast appearances to dramatize women's rights causes, mainly in the male-dominated hierarchies of Russia and its former Soviet allies.

Ukraine police claim weapons found in Femen office

Ukrainian police said on Tuesday they had found weapons in the offices of feminist movement Femen, which the group denied and slammed as the latest provocation by the authorities. Kiev police released a statement, saying that police had received an anonymous call saying that explosives had been planted at an address in the Ukrainian capital, which is where the Femen group's office is located. Bomb disposal technicians were dispatched to the premises, the statement said without mentioning the group's name.

Femen says three top activists beaten in Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian feminist movement Femen alleged Sunday that she and two other activists of the group known for its topless protests were beaten by special forces. Anna Hutsol described the attack late Saturday as "planned by Ukrainian special services" in an attempt to scare the women into ceasing their protests. Hutsol told AFP that she was beaten along with another leading activist, Alexandra Shevchenko, and a male consultant to the group, Viktor Svyatskiy, as they walked out of an apartment building in the Black Sea port city of Odessa.

'Abducted' Femen activists spend night in police custody

Three members of the feminist movement Femen and a photographer were illegally held in police custody overnight after being abducted by unknown assailants during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Ukraine, the group said Sunday. Femen, which is known for their bare-breasted protests, said three female activists and a photographer were beaten up, bundled into a car and taken to an unknown destination by plainclothes men ahead of their planned protest against Putin's trip on Saturday.
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