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Finding the best pet boarding plan for the holidays

By Helaine Olen NEW YORK (REUTERS) - Last year, I needed to find a boarding situation for Katie the poodle while the family went on vacation. The options seemed endless. I heard about spa kennels where Katie would receive a daily massage, and saw Craigslist ads for dog sitters who said they would allow canine visitors to share their bed at night. How to decide? I wasn't going to let the dog I only semi-jokingly refer to as "my daughter" sleep with just anyone.

On Day of the Dead, Mexicans visit man's best friend

The Narvaez family congregated around the tiny dirt grave of their loved one on Mexico's Day of the Dead, laid a handful of marigolds and recalled the joy he brought to their home. Mexicans flock to cemeteries every November 1 and 2 to honor their dead, bringing them flowers, their favorite foods or tequila in a centuries-old tradition mixing pre-Hispanic and Catholic beliefs. Except the Narvaez clan was visiting a different kind of family member, one that died last year after a suspected poisoning took his ninth life: Their beloved Siamese cat Facundo.

FDA warns pet owners about dangerous jerky treats, asks owners and vets to report problems

WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration is trying to solve a stubborn mystery surrounding the deaths of almost 600 dogs that ate jerky treats, and officials are hoping pet owners and veterinarians can help them figure out what exactly may be causing the illnesses.

FDA says 580 pets have died from jerky-caused illness

(Reuters) - The Food and Drug Administration has turned to pet owners for help in an ongoing investigation into jerky products, most made in China, that have killed nearly 600 dogs and cats. Since 2007, roughly 3,600 dogs and 10 cats have fallen ill - and more than 580 have died - from eating the sliced and dried meat products, the food inspection agency said in an update on Tuesday.

Jobless journalist opens Slovenia's first dog bakery

Who would have thought the answer to unemployment in the city worst hit by Slovenia's economic crisis could be meat, mint and peanut butter-flavoured snacks for pooches. But that's just what happened for Nastja Verdnik, a 26-year-old journalism graduate who has opened the Balkan country's first bakery for dogs. "I used to make biscuits for my dog, but never dreamt of making a career out of it," Verdnik told AFP in her tiny shop in the northern city of Maribor, where she sells home-made biscuits, muffins and cakes, including for dogs with allergies.
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