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Ankara students revive dormant Turkish protest movement

Four months after protests against the planned redevelopment of an Istanbul park devolved into a violent national uproar against the government, Turkish students are taking to the streets once again to fight an all-too-familiar scheme. Turkish riot police fired on students with tear gas and water cannon as workers broke ground last week on a road that will intersect the campus of Middle East Technical University (METU), which contains the largest park in the capital of Ankara.

Turkey police fire tear gas at student demo

Turkish police have fired tear gas on students protesting the start of controversial works on a road through their university campus in Ankara. The tear gas was fired late on Friday as security forces shielded workers and diggers who began uprooting trees in a park on the site of Middle East Technical University (METU) in the Turkish capital on Friday night. Dozens of students massed behind the gates of the establishment, angry with the planned destruction of 3,000 trees, Turkey's Dogan press agency reported.

Turkey police fire tear gas at Ankara protesters

Turkish police on Friday fired tear gas at dozens of university students in Ankara protesting a municipal project to build a road across part of their campus. Police detained 14 people during the demonstration outside the Middle East Technical University (METU) against the city's plans, which include uprooting a large number of trees both inside and outside the campus. University students began a sit-in protest in the summer. METU's campus is one of the largest green spaces in the Turkish capital.
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