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GlobalPost Webby Submission 2012 | Online Film and Video: News and Politics Series | To live and die in Mexico


To deliver noteworthy reporting in video, journalists sometimes have to take calculated risks, especially when covering conflict. The results are often the kind of illuminating and powerful reporting that GlobalPost's video series, "To Live and Die in Mexico" provide. From the front seat of an ambulance in Juarez, to inside the chaotic newsrooms of the Mexican media, GlobalPost provides a rare look at the many faces and frontlines of the Mexican drug war.

GlobalPost is proud to submit the following ten reports as excellent examples of the kind of distinctive video reporting that has become one of our signatures and which is rarely offered online by other news organizations:


Online Film and Video: News and Politics SeriesTo Live and Die in Mexico: GlobalPost covers the cartels

1) Drug-war paramedics in a city under siege

2) Mexico City: Journalism under fire

3) Community Complicity: Who’s to blame for Juarez’s meltdown?

4) Jail block Jesus

5) Ruthless kidnappings on a migrant train

6) High times: The push to legalize marijuana in Mexico

7) Sinaloa: On the frontlines of Mexico’s drug war

8) Mexico’s oil bandits

9) Mexico City Vice

10) Mexico City: Gangster Chic